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Stratos Mavris

Inspiration. Creativity. Detail. Feeling. Art.
How many words can describe a piece of furniture? The only thing that is required is that it’s real; that it takes you on a journey. That it can translate into anything you want. That it speaks to you.
This is my vision. That’s what I want for the pieces I design.
Furniture, designed in forms that might be inspired by a work of art, by nature, by everything that surrounds us. Using wood, metal, glass and stone as my materials, I strive to bring life and uniqueness to each original design. Besides, each piece of furniture is, above all, an expression of art. In its most functional form. It is life itself.
'It must always be art that dominates the breath of all furniture'
Stratos Mavris is the founder and exclusive designer of STRATOS MAVRIS Design Furniture - Architecture.


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65 Alimou ave.
Alimos, 174 56 Greece
tel: 21 0993 6340 mon-wed-sat
e-mail: info@stratosmavris.gr

design furniture

home/more on design furniture

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Stellar Table

Stellar dining table
marble top metallic base
220 x 100
2320 1390€

Riche Coffee-table

Riche coffee table
120 circle
820 480€

Diamond Sofa

Diamond sofa
cotton fabric
340 x 250 x 100h
3190 1920€

Stone Coffee-table
Stone Coffee-table

Stone coffee table
120 x 60 and 65 circle
1150 690€

Pearl Sofa
Pearl Sofa

Pearl sofa
340 x 270
2930 1760€

Brut Table

Brut table
cement with oak
200 x 100
1680 1010€

Brut Sideboard

Brut sideboard
cement with oak
220 x 45 x 90h
1700 1020€

Brut Wall unit

Brut wall unit
cement with oak
280 x 45
1700 1020€

Soft Sofa

Soft sofa
300 x 250
2200 1320€

Pearl Sideboard
Pearl Sideboard

Pearl sideboard
ebony wood with marble
220 x 45 x 78h
1970 1189€

Pearl Bookcase
Pearl Bookcase

Pearl bookcase
ebony wood with marble
220 x 40 x 170h
2150 1299€

Illusion Bookcase

Illusion bookcase
4928 2950€

Biblioteca Bookcase

Biblioteca bookcase
lacquered with walnut wood
330 x 33 x 180h
3250 1950€