Inspiration. Creativity. Detail. Feeling. Art.
How many words can describe a piece of furniture? The only thing that is required is that it’s real; that it takes you on a journey. That it can translate into anything you want. That it speaks to you.
This is my vision. That’s what I want for the pieces I design.
Furniture, designed in forms that might be inspired by a work of art, by nature, by everything that surrounds us. Using wood, metal, glass and stone as my materials, I strive to bring life and uniqueness to each original design. Besides, each piece of furniture is, above all, an expression of art. In its most functional form. It is life itself.
'It must always be art that dominates the breath of all furniture'
Stratos Mavris is the founder and exclusive designer of STRATOS MAVRIS Design Furniture - Architecture.



lighting deco accessories

Let the light in with style.
Set the mood while providing privacy and shade to any room.
Visit our Design Store and choose among the most prestigious brands from Italy and France.
We will be glad to help you decide on colors, textures and finishes that blend perfectly with your space

Rugs add warmth, texture and interest. They will immediately make or break the space and everything you layer in afterwards.
Visit our Design Store and discover through a vast collection of traditional, purely handmade Persian, Azerbaijani and Indian rugs.

the design store


STRATOS MAVRIS provides a comprehensive range of worldwide services for architects and interior designers.
From prototyping client designs to design interventions or even full-scale project management, regardless of size or scope of your project, we deliver on our unwavering commitment to the highest of standards,
always investing in solid personalized partnerships in every collaboration.



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