In solid wood constructions we use only certified dried wood.
Wood is the dominant material in most of our products. There is always boundless potential for design innovation with this exquisite material.


Forged cement mortar is a traditional Greek technique similar to Beton Cire. It is also used in furniture for an industrial feel, with a surprising scent of luxury in some applications.


Metal can be easily deformed into interesting shapes that can transform a furniture into a piece of art, spicing it up with its strength and raw feeling. Using top-notch laser cutting techniques, almost every metal structure concept is possible.


Unique and matchless, marbles and stones are creations of nature carrying the history of one place. Their rich, natural texture along with their structural properties can level up any architectural project.


Transparent and smooth, glass is a frequent addition in our products. We strictly use tempered glass for durability and safety.


There is a vast collection of textures and finishes from the top brands in the world, always available for you to discover in our design store.


Leather is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. Durable and easy to clean, it ages well, becoming softer and more comfortable with time.


The frames of our sofas are constructed exclusively with solid beech.
The elastic straps attached to our sofas frames are certified to the highest of standards, ensuring maximum support and durability.
The foams used follow the same 'non-negotiable' standards with gel-foam being on top of the list.